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St. Vincent Health serves the rural area of Lake County and North America’s highest city of Leadville, Colorado. In 1879 the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Kansas opened Leadville’s hospital to care for the hardscrabble miners that were drawn to the community. Now celebrating over 140 years, St. Vincent Health continues the tradition of caring for the residents and visitors of Lake County and surrounding areas.


From the administrator:

Greetings, Leadville and Lake County!

A favorite quote of mine is from W. Clement Stone: “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”

As I write this—in my first week as St. Vincent Health’s new Chief Executive Officer—I am thankful for the welcome I have received from the team members and board of directors at St. Vincent General Hospital District.  Also thankful to have gotten to know some locals and excited to meet more of you. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply my passion for healthcare to further the legacy of our hometown hospital.

Yes, I am a hospital administrator—but first I am a family man: a son, brother, father and husband (my family looks forward to meeting you soon). The relationships I foster with family, friends, and communities inspire my contributions to those around me. Those relationships are my true north.

And so, I close this letter with a question that focuses on you.

How may I be of service to you?

With gratitude,

Brett Antczak, MHA, CMPHE

Chief Executive Officer

St. Vincent Health




St. Vincent General Hospital District:

St. Vincent Health is a Colorado Special District a Quasi-Municipal Corporation bound by the Rules and Regulations of The State of Colorado.

The Board of Directors, elected by the voters of the special district, provide oversight, strategic direction and have the fiduciary responsibility for St. Vincent Health.

Meetings are regularly scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of the month, at 12:00 pm.  The agenda and Board Meeting notices are posted for public inspection at St. Vincent Health at 822 W. 4th Street and on this website, in the footer.

The public is welcome to attend all meetings and make public comment.






Aleta Bezzic Member at Large  – Board Chair Term through May 2023












Shirley Hoffacker Treasurer Term through May 2022













Francine Webber Member at Large Term through May 2022



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Saige Bertolas Member at Large Term through May 2022





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Jonathan Burk Member at Large Term through May 2023






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