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Dr. Terry Sullivan Appointed to SVGHD Board

Dr. Terry Sullivan Appointed to SVGHD Board

The St. Vincent General Hospital District (SVGHD) Board of Directors appointed Dr. Terry Sullivan to fill the seat formerly held by Saige Bertolas, who moved away from Lake County in 2021.

Dr. Sullivan is a board-certified internal medicine physician; he currently works remotely from his Leadville home as Senior Clinical Strategist, Principal for a consulting firm, the Michael Best Company. Sullivan’s vast experience includes board seats on the Colorado State Board of Health, Denver Medical Society and Colorado Medical Society. Sullivan stated, “It would be an honor to serve our community on the board of the St. Vincent General Hospital District.”

Additional candidates for the board seat were Lake County eligible electors Vanessa Langston, Mary Ann Graham-Best, and Kate Bartlett. Each candidate submitted a letter of interest and introduced themselves at the regular board meeting on January 26, 2022. At the conclusion of the open session of the board meeting the directors voted and appointed Dr. Sullivan to the vacant seat.

“All of the candidates who expressed an interest in joining the SVGHD board possessed a depth of experience and community investment,” said Board Chair, Aleta Bezzic. “Each one of them would have been an asset to the district.”

As an appointed board member, Sullivan’s term is through May 2022. The district will hold a regular board election on May 3, 2022, at which time Dr. Sullivan can choose to become a candidate in the general election for a three-year term through May 2025. The seats held by current board members Shirley Hoffacker and Francine Webber are also open for election in May 2022.

Current SVGHD board members are:

Aleta Bezzic, Chair Term: 2020-2023
Francine Webber, Vice-Chair Term: 2018-2022
Shirley Hoffacker, Board Treasurer Term: 2018- 2022
Jonathan Burk, Member at Large Term: 2020-2023
Dr. Terry Sullivan, Member at Large Term: 2022

More information regarding the upcoming SVGHD election, including the call for nominations and a self-nomination form, may be found at www.StVincent.Health on the district and board of directors’ page located in the footer of the site. Additionally, the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation has vacant board seats. Individuals interested in serving on the foundation board should contact foundation director Steve Mercado at 719-486-7119.

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